The Residential Property Management Advantage

on Condo, General, Landlord, Property Management, rental, tenant, Toronto December 3rd

The most important aspect of property management is bringing in a good tenant that will take care of your property and pay the rent on time. If you are not successful in getting a good tenant  it can be a very stressful tenancy sometimes  resulting in extensive damage to the property or months of lost  rent plus the costs of legal fees and eviction.

At Residential Property Management Inc. we focus first on the rental. The property is marketed and shown by the property manager.  The rental agreement is designed by the property manager to facilitate easy management of the property and compliance with the Landlord and Tenant Act.

The considerations involved in renting a property are quite different from the considerations of selling a property so it is important to have the right professional doing that job.  When a property is sold, the person purchasing it is not a big concern for the seller as long as the money is there to close the sale. This is vastly different when you are renting a property, where you will have a long term relationship with your tenants.

Contact us at  Residential Property Management Inc. to discuss the rental management of your property.

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