Can a Tenant in Ontario be evicted in Winter?

on investment property, Landlord, rental, tenant October 15th

january_There is a common myth that tenants cannot be evicted in winter in Ontario. This is not the case. There is nothing in the Residential Tenancies Act that prevents a tenant from being evicted during the winter months.

If the Sheriff is working the tenant can be evicted.  The sheriff’s office is closed on holidays and often they are not available between Christmas and New Years but otherwise they will evict if you have an order for eviction.

An order for eviction has to come from the Landlord and Tenant Board and  provides several weeks notice to a tenant that he will be evicted. If  the eviction is for arrears the tenant does have the opportunity to pay the arrears and any interest or penalty (such as court costs) before the eviction date and void the eviction order.

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